Risk Management for Short-Term Teams

Local Church Missions Advanced | Workshop Set 4

Thursday, September 29, 2022 15:45 PM


Primary Audience Church mission leaders who oversee short-term trips Description Short-term teams are an important part of many churches’ missions programs, and with international teams come additional elements of risk.

While we trust and pray for God’s hand of protection over our teams, we should also plan well to keep teams safe and to minimize financial and legal risks to the church. In this workshop, you will seek the balance of trusting God and making wise preparations, recognize potential risks, mitigate those risks, and evaluate them from church, legal, and security perspectives.

Considering risk does not scare us from taking trips but instead allows us to state our vision, define our risk management, and steward the resources God has provided to accomplish the mission of the church.

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Theresa Sidebotham, Jim Davis

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