RightNow Media 3.0

All Missio Nexus member organizations have access to RightNow Media as a member-only benefit. If you already are using this service, read on about the new updates. If you haven’t taken advantage of this option, be sure to get access today.

What is RightNow Media 3.0?

RightNow Media 3.0 is an update released in November 2021 to all active RightNow Media accounts. The goals for 3.0 were simple: make RightNow Media easier to access, easier to use, and easier to customize.

For all users this looks like an easier sign up process, better search features, and customizing your own playlist of saved videos.

Tour the new platform:

New features include:

  • Seamless content player experience
  • New interactive content
  • New browse and search functions
  • Updated content page

Check out all of the new features and learn more.

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