Protecting Your Ministry from Sexual Identity and Gender Issues

The idea that one person’s “sexual liberty” trumps another’s religious freedom is prevalent. Focus groups are working diligently to challenge long-held Biblical standards about gender and sexuality. Many faith-based organizations are examining how they can protect themselves from potential problems due to some recent Supreme Court decisions. Short-term ministries are not exempt from this issue. It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN it will affect you. Learn how your school, church or agency short-term ministry program can prepare for inevitable organizational and legal challenges.

Tory has been an STM coach with DELTA Ministries since 2004. He has served in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Italy and mobilized teams to many other countries. Over the years, he has worked with churches from all over the United States, spearheaded organizational partnerships, and coordinated DELTA’s response to the earthquake in Haiti that mobilized hundreds of short-term workers over three years.

(webinar originally presented October 13, 2016)

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