Webinar: Podcasting 101 for Missions and Ministries

(May 25, 2021)

Image for Peer 2 Peer for Marketing and Communications Staff: Podcasting 101 for Missions and Ministries

A Peer-2-Peer Webinar for Communications and Marketing Professionals


What is podcasting, why would your mission agency or ministry want to do one, and how do you get started? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to determine if podcasting is a good addition for your agency’s marketing and communications, how you can leverage it effectively, and how to launch and run one.

Target Audience

Mission agency leaders as well as agency fundraising, mobilization, marketing and communications staff

Speaker Bio

Blessing Mpofu lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is Ingrid’s husband and Alpha’s Africa Digital Manager. He was previously responsible for Alpha’s media and communications. Alpha’s mission is to serve and equip the Church in its mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus. He’s also the editor-in-chief of ChurchM.ag, a resourcing website for church techs and creatives which includes a blog and podcast. Before Alpha and ChurchMag, Blessing was a pastor and involved in church planting.

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