Planning for Safety on Short-Term Mission Trips

Do you think it’s safe to go to (fill in the blank)? Have you ever gotten that question from a concerned parent or church member? You probably want to answer, “does it matter?!” Yes, we should be ready to give our lives for Jesus at any time but doesn’t Scripture also suggest we need to act wisely? This webinar will help you find the balance between boldly following Jesus in faith and accounting for risk and planning for safety during your next short-term mission trip. Join us as we look at how to assess risk, make decisions on what is an acceptable amount of risk, and consider ways that we can proactively choose safety.

Tory Ruark has been an STM coach with DELTA Ministries since 2004. He has served in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Italy and mobilized teams to many other countries. Over the years, he has worked with churches from all over the United States, spearheaded organizational partnerships, and coordinated DELTA’s response to the earthquake in Haiti that mobilized hundreds of short-term workers over three years. (Live webinar presented on May 5, 2016)

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