Webinar: Pathways for women in Leadership

Description:  As more organizations want to identify, develop, and retain more women in their leadership teams, we will look at practical ways to make progress in our particular scenarios and organizational cultures. We will explore issues such as 1) traditional, theological or practical impacts, 2) unintended barriers and unrecognized opportunities, 3) how expectations about men and women leading together be different between home office leadership, field staff, supporting churches. As we identify some of these issues, we become free to think creatively about embracing processes that more accurately reflect our goals and help us accomplish our mission.  

Presenter:  Wendy Wilson: With 30+ years in missions, church ministry, and leadership, Wendy has served the Missio Nexus member network since 2012 as the Mission Advisor on Development of Women. She is also the founder and director of the Women’s Development Track, a collaborative platform to provide resources and pathways into intentional development for Great Commission women. She brings wide experience in the diverse evangelical discussion and practice around women and ministry, and offers perspective on the growing opportunity for the Great Commission community to steward the giftedness of women thoughtfully, actively and effectively.

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