OPEN Doors: Identifying the Doors God has Opened …

OPEN Doors: Identifying the Doors God has Opened for Shorter Term Mission Endeavors and the Cost of Effective Integral Engagement

Presented by Dr. Gil Odendaal, Vice President for Integral Mission, World Relief

During this webinar the role of the In between as the missionary of the 21st century will be discussed and what it means in the context of mission that is now executed from everywhere to everywhere. Learning the difference between a door God OPENS and one we can kick open (Col 4:3) and how to ensure clarity of message, optimizing opportunities and wisdom in relationships with all involved. The focus will be on the importance of praxis that is under girded by biblical principles enabling the church to be church again and how the priesthood of all believers (in the global south and north) is essential for this to take place. Four key disempowering dichotomies will be addressed. The result is a fully empowered church-owned enterprise where all gospel proclamation has social consequences and all social activities have evangelistic implications. But there is a cost for Christ followers on this discipleship engagement pathway. Practical applications and illustrations will highlight what ordinary Christ followers as short termers are doing in the US with refugee resettlement.

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