Webinar: Obedient Nations


There are elements of the great commission which we in the West have not adequately interpreted, in part because of our almost addictive posture regarding individualism. Things like conversion and discipleship are almost exclusively interpreted through our individualism, and while that is not wrong, it is certainly one-sided and incomplete. My “obedient nations” thesis is a review of Scripture and then a lengthy preview of its application to missional activity, in relation to a more corporate application of “discipled nations” in this church age. It will generate a new understanding of the “great commission” which will be, truly GREAT. And it does affect our ecclesiology, our eschatology and other elements of our missiology if applied properly. It also conjures up many fresh “how to?” questions.

Presenter: Steve’s life, including schooling, has been in and around the world of ‘evangelical, global missions.’ Born in Japan and raised on three continents and studying in a wide range of theological ‘evangelicalism,’ he’s been a life-long student of the missio-Dei. Married to Marna, a Californian, and raising three children, much of it for 10 years with Dawn Ministries in the Philippines. He’s received a Bible diploma from Prairie Bible Institute, a BA from Simpson College in California and an MA in Missiology from Fuller Seminary. Out of Bible school, he did several years of inner-city youth ministry with Cityteam Ministries in San Jose, then later with Viv Grigg’s Cambria Christian Community in downtown L.A. While in Dawn Ministries, focused on “saturation church planting” in Asia, he also founded SEANET, the only global network focused on better reaching Buddhists.  He has now been with One Challenge based in Colorado Springs for the past 12 years. 

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