Models of Contextualization

Models of Contextualization
Presenter: Scott Moreau, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College
Original Air Date: January 17, 2013

Using the metaphor of a map, in this Webinar I will present a travel guide of the evangelical contextualization. Each of us knows parts of this map (territories) very well, but few have a larger grasp of the entire map. One of my hopes is that participants will come away better understanding the territories of contemporary approaches (such as Insider Movements) and how fit into the larger evangelical map. This will help us better understand and evaluate practices like IM, which are heavily promoted by some and deeply vilified by others. In our virtual tour we’ll examine six types of approaches or territories to contextualization based on the role of the contextual initiator. For each, I introduce the territory, describe characteristics of that territory, and offer examples from the Bible and our contemporary world. I also take you on a few selected excursions to more closely look at some of the more prominent landmarks in each territory to help you better understand what drives these approaches and how to evaluate them. Finally, I’ll wrap up the Webinar with a very brief consideration on the immediate future for evangelical contextualization, depicting contextual issues I anticipate evangelicals will face as we work toward incarnating Christian faith in every community in the world.

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