A Call for Global Mobilization Collaboration

A Call for Global Mobilization Collaboration
by Mark Stebbins

“So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.”  Neh 4:6

The scriptures trumpet the heart of God to rally His people together, corporately, to be on the move for Him, for His larger purposes on earth, and for His greater joy and glory.  The taking of the promised land, the building and re-building of the wall of Jerusalem and the temple, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission inflame our hearts into a burning longing to be used collectively in God’s redemptive drama.  We need each other to complete such sacred work.

God uses larger causes to call us out of too small a thing for Him.  The vision for a broad, new mobilization collaboration is just such a cause—a big, holy, audacious, goal that no one of us—no single part of His Body—could accomplish alone.  It is big enough to call for and compel our intentional and continual collaboration!

The world is waiting for the Gospel.  The next generation of goers is watching.  How might we spectacularly inspire messengers to take up the torch of missions from everywhere to everywhere?  A breathtaking new mobilization collaboration would be a campaign of promise and unified resolve to launch fresh hope and chart bold rescue from everywhere to the doorsteps of the unengaged at the farthest reaches of the planet.  It would truly be a fresh movement of the Spirit of God.

As we watch the demise of western civilization, it seems the western church is increasingly victim to worldly influence and that a window for strong western contribution with other parts of the Body into the nations may not remain open for long.  Might God be calling us (the North American church) to a final push into the nations in partnership and unison with His global church before our influence, resources, and zeal significantly wane?  We are far beyond the days of western missions’ independence, and now find ourselves at risk (outside of sublimation to serving a global movement of the Gospel) of becoming completely irrelevant in God’s global symphony of missions.

Hundreds of churches, mission agencies, denominations, and mission specialists are poised to listen and learn what God is putting on our hearts to implement together.  A clear pattern has emerged that those on mission for God have a deep desire to connect relationally, share resources and ideas, and to explore collaboration internationally.
A new collaborative vision and network is needed to concretely raise the tide for a global missions mobilization mindset, and to create a new wave of collaborative missions sending.   Many other global workers in the mobilization arena have likewise affirmed that we are ready for “such a time as this.”

The North American missions community is well-positioned for participating, assisting, and serving in the implementation of a greater global mobilization collaboration.  Specifically identifying who will serve, in what capacity, and where functions will be housed must be determined, but the organic structures and will to act appear to be in place to accommodate this ambitious vision.

Current mobilization practitioners around the globe have immense expertise, networks, knowledge of process and pathways, and understanding of the missions’ landscape to provide a secure scaffolding for a new coordinated initiative, to give it access to worldwide connection and integration points needed for moving forward as one. We need the designers of global collaboration to come forward and come together.  We need them talking and envisioning together to give the whole Body the formal blueprints and the informal guidance to move into that bright future.

This generation of worldwide missions’ professionals has the readiness, the resources, and the remarkable courage to combine their individual campfires of passion for God and His mission with global counterparts into a unified, blazing bonfire of sending to those unengaged and so desperate for Christ.  May God breathe the fire of this calling into all of our hearts and strategies!


Mark Stebbins
Mobilization Champion Navigators
Missio Nexus Mission Advisor for Missions Mobilization



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