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Thank you for joining us for the 2024 Mission Leaders Conference in Louisville, Kentucky September 11-13. We are grateful for your contribution as a presenter!
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Your workshop description should accurately describe what you will be presenting. Each description should include at least 2 learning objectives. Learning objectives should clearly state the knowledge, skills, and abilities attendees can gain during your session. Start each learning objective with a measurable action verb and avoid words like understand, learn, and know. (in 125 words or less)
Committment to Performance*
I understand that as a presenter certain tasks will be required of me in preparation for the conference. I hereby agree to complete these tasks to the best of my ability and in accordance with the deadlines provided.

Permission to Record

I affirm that all materials and content I will present do not violate or infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or organization. I grant Missio Nexus non-exclusive permission to use our(my) presentation(s) and/or teaching(s) from the Mission Leaders Conference in audio, video, live stream, and/or text format including the sale of said content both on site and after the event through the Missio Nexus website. This authorization is granted with the understanding the grantee(s) will not assert any copyright or deprive me of any other rights I may have in the material I present.*
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