Getting Started in Planned Giving

Development Track | Workshop Set 4

Thursday, September 29, 2022 15:45 PM


Primary Audience Development professionals interested in planned giving Description If you and your ministry are not seeking planned gifts in a purposeful way, you are missing out! But figuring out how to get started in the world of bequests, gift annuities, and trusts can be overwhelming.

In this workshop, you will learn about what planned giving is, the various options that donors can use to leave a legacy of generosity and impact, and the next steps you can take to get started in planned giving.

Learning Objectives Know how to articulate the value of planned gifts to organizational leaders and donors Understand the different types of financial vehicles that can be used to plan future gifts Identify the marketing and advisory partners that can help start a planned giving program in the next 12 months 1.5 CPE credit hours // Specialized Knowledge.

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George Fisher, David Davies, Michael Occhipinti

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