Investing in Inclusion

Human Resources Track | Workshop Set 4

Thursday, September 29, 2022 15:45 PM


“Primary Audience Caretakers of organizational culture, especially senior leaders and human resource professionals Description Diversity initiatives get the right people into your organization, but authentic inclusion is what keeps them there.

a Harvard Business Review article titled “Diversity Training Doesn’t Work,” leadership consultant Peter Bregman advised organizations to “”Stop training people to be more accepting of diversity. It’s too conceptual, and it doesn’t work. Instead, train them to do their work with a diverse set of individuals. Not categories of people. People.

them how to have difficult conversations with a range of individuals.”” In this session, participants will compare/contrast four common workplace interaction environments (exclusion, differentiation, assimilation, and inclusion), and will identify specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that empower people to welcome difference in authentically inclusive difficult dialogues. Training implications will be discussed.

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