Missio Nexus Associated Martyrs Video (Live)

Over the last 100 years of Missio Nexus—the IFMA, EFMA, CrossGlobal Link, The Mission Exchange, and now the combined efforts of Missio Nexus—There have been many people who have given their lives as living martyrs and through the sacrifice of themselves and their own lives by dying in martyrdom. This is a group of people we need to remember and we need to honor. We have combined all those who have been part of the Missio Nexus family over the last one hundred years so that we can remember and honor them together for their sacrifice.

This powerful tribute premiered at the 2019 Mission Leaders Conference with live piano music by Michael Thompson of OneWay Ministries.

Executive Producer: Marv Newell
Creative Director: Kurtis Amundson
Original Piano Score: Michael Thompson

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