Webinar: Measuring the Invisible: How Gender Bias Impacts Women in Leadership

Description:  Have you ever heard someone say that mission agencies are behind the times when it comes to women in leadership? You might be surprised by our findings! This webinar shows how mission agencies compare to higher education, healthcare, and law firms. The findings come from a survey of 1079 women. They show that gender bias can be understood in terms of 6 main factors and 15 sub-factors, which combine to make leading more challenging for women. Understanding the factors can help organizations target and eliminate hindrances to good organizational leadership.

Presenter: Leanne Dzubinski is Associate Professor in the Doctoral Department of the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at Biola University.  She teaches and researches on leadership, gender, and research methods. Prior to Biola, she worked on the mission field for almost 20 years.

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