Means and Meanings: Conducting Online Surveys and Focus Groups

Means and Meanings: Conducting Online Surveys and Focus Groups
James Nelson, Research Specialist, Global Mapping International
June 3, 2010

Description: Listening to your constituents honors them and the Lord who listens. Online tools make it easier than ever to conduct quality research on your own. You can do this! But doing research without professional assistance makes it easier for missteps to occur and to be noticed by your constituents. Avoid stumbles and raise the value of your efforts by learning some of the key tools, principles and techniques for obtaining insights through online research.

In this webinar you will learn: A Practical information about several popular online research tools and their capabilities, strengths and limitations, including issues relating to security and language; A Best practices in online research and ethical research conduct; and several easy mistakes to avoid in programming, fielding and analyzing surveys.

Author: James Nelson is Senior Research Associate for Global Mapping International and Senior Researcher for Fruitful Practice Research. He serves The Mission Exchange as Mission Research Consultant. In addition to conducting research for dozens of sending agencies, James has done commercial marketing research for organizations in many fields, including aerospace, banking, broadcasting, consumer products, education, fast food, fine arts, military, publishing, telecommunications and tourism. James currently lives in Asia.

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