Let There Be Light

“Let there be light.” Wasn’t that the first thing that God said that was recorded? “And He saw that it was good.” I wonder if it wasn’t a first for so many things in God’s master plan here on Earth. Can’t you hear Him saying, “Let there be light in Asia. Let there be light in Calcutta. Let there be light in South Jersey. Let there be light in Haiti. Let there be light in the Sawyer family. Let there be light in Mateo, Ahmad, and Tatiana. And how does this light arrive? Jesus clearly proclaimed, “I am the light of the world”. The Great Commission rings out with the sound of both the Father and the Son reminding us, “Let there be light.” 

It is our calling as His followers. It is a specific calling for you with your mission’s plans and efforts. Just like that little children’s song, “This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.” You are choosing a direction to undertake in your mission’s focus and efforts to expand that light as it grows more and more brightly around the world.  

And how very important it is to continue to tend the wick within your life so your light can shine brightly. There will be setbacks. There will be disappointments. There will be complications. We know who our enemy is, and He’s always out there seeking to douse the light. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of nurturing your inner light and that of your family as you go forth.  

But God also said: “joy cometh in the morning.” There will be victories! There will be hearts, one by one, that turn to Jesus as you go forth and share the brilliance of His light with others. Sometimes you will be able to see first-hand and rejoice with the results. And other times, you are the sower of the seeds. You won’t, this side of heaven, know the success with every new light that was ignited along the way, but you added a step in the process. 

Take a deep breath and envision the mission efforts ahead of you. Jesus and a host of angels are cheering you on. I imagine “let there be light” reverberates again and again in the heavenly Kingdom each and every day. Aren’t you thrilled that you have the privilege to help ignite this magnificent light?  

SAT-7 Satellite TV and on-demand video services are helping the light shine brightly in the Middle East and North Africa. With the recent earthquakes in Southeast Turkiye and Northern Syria, it’s more urgent than ever for a light of hope to shine in the darkness. Thousands of lives were lost. Many thousands more were injured, and displaced individuals were impacted by unimaginable disruptions to everything they held dear. We praise God that many other wonderful ministries are shining the light in this time of great darkness. Indeed, let’s all join in God’s proclamation, “Let there be light!” and pray for the miracles needed in these two nations in the days, months, and even years stretching ahead.   

This is submitted by Lynnette Horwath of SAT-7 Ambassadors.  SAT-7 is a Missio Nexus member.  Member organizations can provide content to the Missio Nexus website. See how by clicking here.

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