Leading Multi-Cultural Teams: Catching the Wave

Leading Multicultural Teams: Catching the Wave
Steve Hoke, Vice President of People Development with Church Resource Ministries

Cultural diversity has always been the context for cross-cultural missions, but incorporating biblical principles with current cultural research has not been a strength of the recent missions movement. In this webinar, we will review the latest findings on trans cultural competence and outline practical steps for missions leaders to help us move from where we are to where we all want to be. A singularly successful case study will be offered for analysis and evaluation.

In this webinar, participants will reflect on their own patterns and practices of participation and leadership on a multicultural team. Identify a coherent and adaptable biblical-developmental paradigm for launching and leading multicultural teams. Discuss the essential spiritual qualities and core leadership practices effective and consistent with biblical leadership. Identify critical team conversations to build a cohesive and unified multicultural team. Identify a few critical resources

Dr. Steve Hoke is Vice President for People Development of Church Resource Ministries. Steve facilitates Leader LINK workshops each year on four continents with leaders of multicultural teams.

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