Webinar: Lawsuits and Rumors of Lawsuits

Description: Lately, we’ve seen multiple employment claims and lawsuits, some of them rather bizarre. And in the last year, we’ve also seen new guidance from the U.S. Supreme Court for religious organizations. What are some of the problems that we’ve seen and ways to protect your organization? Let’s unpack the mix of Title VII, toxic employees, member care, disciplinary actions, and other issues.

Presenter:  Theresa Lynn Sidebotham, Founder, Telios Law

Theresa Lynn Sidebotham founded Telios Law PLLC in 2012, where she advises organizations in the U.S. and internationally, with a focus on religious and nonprofit law, employment law, child safety, and investigations.

Telios Law advises on legal and policy issues, with an emphasis on First Amendment protections, international law, child protection policies and practices, and employment practices. It also coordinates legal audits and assists with internal investigations. Though Telios Law helps most of its clients avoid litigation, it also represents organizations in litigation defense, asserting constitutional defenses around religious free exercise, religious privilege, and other First Amendment issues, as well as normal business and employment law principles.

Although she was born in New York, Theresa and her parents arrived in Indonesia just in time for the Communist coup in the “Year of Living Dangerously.” Her four sons were born on three different continents, the youngest when she and her husband were serving in Sumatra. After returning to the States, she enrolled in law school and graduated first in her class from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.  Theresa was mentored by judges at the Colorado Court of Appeals and worked at a large law firm serving religious institutions and doing general litigation before opening Telios Law.

Now, she uses these experiences to help religious and nonprofit organizations achieve their vision in a way which is “complete, perfect, or whole,” as the name “Telios” implies.  

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