Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder

Knocking over the Leadership Ladder

Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder: Leadership Re-engineered from I to WE Paul Ford, Leader Development and Team building specialist, Church Resource Ministries.
October 9, 2008

The webinar presents a leadership training model that moves the leader from I to We and from leader as visionary(I) to leader as good steward of body life. Sometimes, we make life about leadership and planned growth, the right process and the right strategy or the right functions and the correct skill set. God has made it about the stewardship of the message revealed in, His powerful grace gifts already available, the relationships He has put into place, and strategy from the Word growing through those relationships. This is how He desires to surprise us. We consider several paradigm shifts, including moving from the missional or visionary leader model to the leader as good steward. moving from I to W in thinking and acting, both in personal relationships and ministry leadership.

Understanding that leadership includes the process of sober estimation, of active watchfulness, so as to watch for God’s influences, in addition to the Word, through the people He brings alongside the leader. Dr. Paul Ford is a leadership and team building specialist with Church Resource Ministries. He has worked with 70 denominational and mission groups, and more than 15,000 leaders over the past 20 years , His ministry passion is to invest in first generation Christian leaders in four regions worldwide. He also assists ministries in re-engineering their leader and team training from an ‘I’ to a ‘We’ focus, revealed recently in his new book, Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder.

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