Key insights from the 2016 CEO and Church Mission Leader Survey

In our continuing tradition, Mission Nexus is working to advance the effectiveness of the Great Commission community in North America.  In so doing, we have commissioned a second survey of mission agency CEO’s and church mission leaders.  Our goal was to provide peer information and perspective to enable leaders to more knowledgeably, and carefully fulfill our charge of helping our churches, organizations and workers be as fruitful in ministry to fulfill the Great Commisison.

The inaugural survey was fielded in early 2013 among chief executives form more than 150 mission organizations.  The 2016 survey represents 160 chief executives and 212 church mission leaders.  This presentation will overview the study and seek to show progress over the past three years as we compare the data, and then lay a framework for moving this great mission enterprise forward by anticipating challenges and oppositions ahead of us.

Michael VanHuis currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Missio Nexus.

Michael is married to Laura and they are blessed with 5 children.  Michael and Laura were missionaries with Pioneers serving in Ghana, West Africa and in other leadership roles within Pioneers.  Michael has also served as a mission’s pastor at Northland Church in Longwood, Fl. overseeing local and global missions.  Before joining Mission Nexus, Michael served as the Vice President of OneWay Ministries in Aurora, IL, where they currently reside.  Michael has a Master’s degree in Global Leadership from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.

Presented on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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