It’s All in the Numbers! (DEV)

It’s All in the Numbers! (DEV)

Friday @ 8:30am

As it relates to evaluating the performance of your fundraising program and informing your strategy, the key to understanding current performance and unlocking future growth is tied to the numbers. The question is which numbers? This session will help you focus your analysis on the right numbers and how they relate to your key fundraising strategies. This is a great session for development teams, CFOs and Presidents to attend together to have a common understanding of how metrics relate to fundraising strategies and budgets.

Learning Objectives:

  • List key performance metrics needed to effectively evaluate your fundraising program
  • Apply strategies to help you dig into the numbers to understand the “reasons why” behind the numbers
  • Identify key donor file health metrics, how they relate to current and future performance
  • Develop an analytics strategy to help you project future revenue potential and the investments required to generate sustained growth

[CPE 100 MIN – Management Services]

Ray Pokorny, SVP

Client Strategy

Ray provides strategic leadership for Mission Aviation Fellowship, Christian Aid Mission, Compassion International and Ignite America. Leveraging insights from analytics has been a key part of his with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He has nearly 40 years of experience in strategic planning, advertising, fundraising, business intelligence, new product development and integrated communications. He has also served in a strategic planning role for a global mission’s organization that included personal support raising. A graduate of the University of Illinois, he cut his teeth at the Leo Burnett advertising agency on accounts including United Airlines, Samsonite and Keebler.


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