Introducing the National Church Mission Leaders Conference

At this year’s annual event Missio Nexus is hosting two conferences: the annual Mission Leaders Conference and the inaugural National Church Mission Leaders Conference.

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Why is this conferenced needed? 

Over the past few decades, a new role in the church has been formed: the missions pastor. Many churches have appointed a staff person to lead this effort. Churches have created teams, goals, and given these new leaders specific responsibility to lead missions in the local church. At present, there is no other national event focused on helping this group be more effective. 

What is the mission/goal of the conference? 

The National Church Mission Leaders Conference is needed to help church mission leaders (1) network with others doing the same task, (2) learn from others with similar goals, and (3) connect with the many missionary agencies that are active in the global Great Commission.

What sets it apart from the Mission Leaders Conference? 

While the Mission Leaders Conference has primarily focused on missions agency leadership, this new conference is focused specifically on the needs of church missions leadership. 

Who is the primary audience? 

The primary leader in a local church for global missions. Typically, this will be a missions pastor and their immediate staff or team.

What can be gained by participating? 

Church missions leaders can hear how others are solving similar problems to those they face. They can hear about best practices, strategy development, and be inspired by other leaders. Because this event is co-located and shares keynote addresses with the Mission Leaders Conference, church mission leaders also have access to the largest gathering of mission agency leaders and influencers.

When you register for Counting the Cost, either conference allows full access to all sessions, workshops, networking events, and exhibit hall.

Register for Counting the Cost

Since the 1970s, a few thousand missions leaders have been appointed in churches. Has the church maximized the potential of a full-time missions activist on staff at a congregation? Does this leader and his/her team have the knowledge, tools, and relationship network to make this investment fruitful and effective? Join the National Church Mission Leaders Conference to learn, grow, and meet others who are on a similar journey.

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