International Local Church Partnerships

Presented by: Randy Schmor

Description: The 21st century local church sees itself more and more as a primary player in the world of international missions. At the same time, partnerships of many types have also become an important part of missions today. This workshop is designed for local church leaders AND mission professionals that guide them. We’ll be discussing how church partnerships can reflect the values of the Kingdom of God and missional theology, as well as incorporating a process that is true to those values. For the past 10+ years, I’ve helped churches discover a way of partnering together that rings true with the values of the Kingdom of God and missional theology. I’m passionate about sharing these principles whenever possible with those who can help the global body of Christ be all that Jesus prayed it would be as a unified force and a witness to the reality of the Kingdom of God. The primary audience for this workshop is church and mission leaders.

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