How to Think About Technology in a Technology Driven World

Global Strategies Track | Workshop Set 1

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 15:45 PM


Primary Audience Senior leaders, both technical and non-technical Description There are only two constants in technology: it is always changing and it always surprises.

So, given these realities how ought we, as followers of Jesus, to react? Chris has a lifetime of experience at the forefront of technology and will provide practical insights to navigate the seemingly unknowable.

As a world-class technologist and strategist, Chris has helped build ground breaking technologies in telecommunications, automotive, education and housing – and faith.

He will share key principles that have stood the test of time and that will position you to take advantage of the amazing innovations in technology in the near future. And, will help you understand and avoid some of the pitfalls of what is certain to come as well.



Chris Lema

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