Using Short-Term Mission Trips to Survey Unreached People Groups

Friday, 3:30 – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Jeannie Marie

This workshop will look at who should go on a survey trip to an unreached people group, how to choose where to go, and how to get in with an identity that lets you explore. It will compare your own short-term trip goals (and long-term goals) against the goals for a survey trip. It will also provide a survey tool (and tips) to use on the trip, so you return with valuable information that assesses spiritual openness, livability, potential risks, entry and identity options. We will develop a plan to use the survey trip to recruit future long-term workers. Be inspired that strategic short-term survey trips can pave the way for long-term engagement of unreached (and unengaged) people groups.

This workshop was not recorded.

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