Globalizing the Professional and Business Capacity of the Church w/ Carol Davis

Offered at no charge because the record of the power point presentation is incomplete. The first 10 minutes of the presentation are blank … Globalizing the Professional and Business Capacity of The Church
Carol Davis, Missions Strategist and Innovator
February 26, 2009

It is time for a new conversation about the incredible Kingdom capacity of The Church that today lies mostly dormant – below the sight line of most congregational and agency leaders. In a world that is re-framed – where the culture has shifted and the rules have been turned on their apex – the front-line players must change. God has them already prepared and waiting for leadership to globalize and Kingdomize their understanding of who they are as world-class marketplace professionals. Today, the gap between what the world cries out for and what The Church has to offer has never been smaller. With a fresh lens you can find what has been mostly invisible a great new pool of resources. They already deal every day in global economics, communications and relationships. They come with a wealth of other resources that do not require your Kingdom dollars. Having discovered them, how do you activate people that think about work 24/7, are in bondage to crippling schedules and debt, and seem averse to long-term commitments? The webinar will help pastors, agencies and mobilizers to erase the lines between secular/sacred; clergy/laity; and global/local/Discover, activate, equip. deploy the distinctiveness of their constituencies. Leverage the work week for Kingdom advance. Understand God’s purposes for the domains of cities nations. Increase and multiply Kingdom resources. Embrace mutual mentoring and join God more powerfully in the neighborhoods and the nations. Carol Davis is a missions strategist and innovator. She is also a writer, speaker, and natural networker. Carol has served on church staffs for more than 25 years and now serves as a consultant, mobilizer, and mentor. She works with pastors, organizations, global strategists and the next generation. Carol is the conceptualizer and founder of the INTERSECTION Conferences.

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