Global Church-to-Church Partnership Essentials

Global Church-to-Church Partnership Essentials
Michael VanHuis, Global Advancement Officer, Pioneers
December 2, 2010
Key Words: Partnership, Partnerships, Church to church partnerships, global partnerships

Description: This session provides guidelines for establishing and maintaining effective partnerships between local churches in the U.S. and local churches in other countries for the purpose of ministries beyond the scope of either church.
Presenter: For the past five years Michael VanHuis served as the Executive Director of Service at North land Church ( a church of 12,000 in Long wood, Florida, overseeing all local and global missions, projects and church partnerships.  Previously, Michael served with Pioneers as a missionary in Ghana, West Africa, in the Pioneers International Directors Office, and as Director of Operations for Pioneers’ US.  Michael has recently returned to Pioneers as their Global Advancement Officer.

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