From zero to tentmaking in 2 months

We were getting the tentmaking booth ready for a weekend long missions conference when a couple stopped by to chat. They had never heard about tentmaking and wanted to know more, so we invited them to attend the tentmaker track the next day.

Jerry and Sonya were very interested when they were told about an upcoming tentmaking course the following week, but they explained that since both of them were working, it would be impossible to get time off work on such short notice.

I love the word impossible when God starts people on their journey to becoming tentmakers.

So, I offered to pray with them. “Do not say it is impossible but ask God to make it possible if it is his will that they should attend the course”

A week later, we were setting up the classroom for the GO Equipped Tentmaking course at a beautiful Bible school in Northern Europe’s snow-covered countryside when Jerry and Sonya showed up to excitedly share about their miracles in getting time off from work.

Shortly after the course, Jerry was asked to take on a foreign assignment in South Asia for a few months. He realized God had prepared them for this by allowing them to learn about tentmaking, which he could now put to good use.

Since the job contract was short, Jerry realized that he did not have the luxury of time to see how he might influence his workplace for the Lord, so he decided to follow through on the teaching.

During the course he had learned of the importance of praying daily for one’s co-workers, specifically by name. He made a bracelet with alphabet cubes for each of his co-workers names.

It did not take long for his majority-religion co-workers to ask what the letters on his bracelet were about.

Jerry, the engineer, boldly told them that each letter represented a co-worker and that this bracelet was his way of remembering to pray for them each day. His new friends were amazed, and this led to spiritual discussions in the office. Many came to ask him questions about God in private conversations which gave him an opportunity to give them a digital bible. This then led to more questions about the bible they were now reading.

On his walk from work, he would see children playing soccer and would often join them in kicking the ball around. This led to a Sunday school in the park with parents coming as well, perhaps out of wanting to know what this foreigner had to say. By the time the job contract came to an end, a local believer had joined to lead the group that had tripled in size. Jerry donated brand new sand lot soccer balls to the kids during his goodbye party.

In a few months, Jerry had reached two different groups with the gospel. His co-workers and the kids and parents in his community. He also had the wisdom to include a local believer who could continue the work after his departure.

Today, Jerry and Sonya are on a long-term work contract in a post-Christian European country where the name of Jesus has long ago been forgotten.

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