Diaspora Missiology and Mid-Term Missions: An Action Plan

Presented by Mr. Don Johnson, Assistant to the US Director for Special Projects, SEND International

NOTE: The recording has some audio issues and this download is offered at no charge

Enoch Wan (2011) has said that reaching diaspora in the 21st century will require the adoption of a new missiological paradigm that will foster the development of new mission strategies and action plans. Internationals are flooding into North America but aren’t always integrating into American life. Ethnic communities are developing that present needs and opportunities for the Gospel, yet too often the local church is ill-equipped to engage and evangelize in this cross-cultural setting. Using an apparent increase in interest in mid-term-length overseas missions as a training base, church-agency partnerships could explore one possible “new mission strategy and action plan” that could integrate the cross-cultural experience and expertise of mission agencies with the new opportunities presented to North American churches, and, as a result, effectively reach diaspora living in their own communities.

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