Designing and Facilitating Learner-Centered Training – Start Here

Thursday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented by: Dick Freed

This workshop will focus on the Interactive Adult Learning model of learner-centered instructional design and facilitation. By the end of this workshop, all participants will have:

  • Reviewed and discussed some principles and axioms of Interactive Adult Learning
  • Reviewed the Seven Design Steps of Interactive Adult Learning
  • Analyzed and practiced creating Achievement-Based Outcomes
  • Analyzed and practiced designing four types of learning tasks
  • Incorporated three aspects of learning into their learning tasks
  • Completed a Learning Needs and Resources Assessment
  • Reviewed the basics of facilitating and assessed themselves as facilitators of Interactive Adult Learning
  • Practiced facilitating one or more learning tasks
  • Completed a snapshot of their learning and a list of next steps they wish to take in learning to design and facilitate learner-centered training

Primary Audience: those wishing to significantly improve how training events are designed and presented.

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