Day 16 – Ward and Cynethea Cunningham

This devotional is part of the Black Missionary Heroes Past and Present Series.

Ward and Cynethea Cunningham

Missionaries to Liberia

Read Philippians 4:6–8

Ward and Cynethea Cunningham served as missionaries to Liberia. They let nothing stop them – not even tragedy – from making it to the mission field. As they prepared for their transitions as a family to move as long-term workers to Liberia, their eight-year-old son, Brandon, was killed in an automobile accident by a young man speeding. In Liberia, Cynethea worked as the mother/registrar for the mission school, she was dean of girls, and taught first and second grades, and Bible. Ward was the superintendent of the mission and overseer for the four village schools, seven village churches, and pastor of the mission church. In addition to these duties, he was also the Bible instructor for the pastors.

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