Curious George finds an iPhone


Can you imagine Curious George with an iPhone? The silly monkey would be…,well, changed. He would be different. Silly monkeys are not the only ones changed by technology though, because technology is never culturally neutral. Technology has been changing people and culture ever since Adam took his first breath. Join Eric for a romp through Scripture and culture to explore the nature of technology and a biblical response.  Our discussion will impact your personal and work life; your private moments and public actions; your spiritual growth and your service to God.

Dr. Eric Straw’s 21 years of real world experience include running his own manufacturing company, working in various IT technical and managerial positions, and serving in the U.S. Navy. He also serves as Executive Director of Mark 5 Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving computing technology problems for missionaries.  Dr. Straw has taught at Corban since 2002 and is responsible for courses on information systems, nonprofit management, managerial accounting and business applications.  Eric married Margie in 1984.  He enjoys motorcycles, international travel, missions, reading, hiking and fishing.

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