Crisis, Cybersecurity, and Currency: Best Practices

Presented by: Theresa Sidebotham, Paul Winters

Description: This workshop addresses critical legal compliance and risk management areas for our electronic age and beyond. Whether a ministry is dealing with potential data breaches, physical security issues, or a #MeToo crisis, its leaders need to understand how to best handle them. Emergent challenges related to the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and other financial ministry aspects warrant careful attention too. Nonprofit attorneys Theresa Sidebotham and Paul Winters will introduce legal principles and “best practices” guidance in these areas, including recommended policies and procedures, so that ministry leaders are well equipped both for planning and for when problems arise. Learning objectives include how to better identify areas of organizational risk including the areas of sexual harassment, cybersecurity and electronic-age finances, and related legal considerations, and to learn how to best address and prioritize such risk areas, as well. The primary audience for this workshop is mission executives, legal counsel, finance leadership, and compliance leadership.

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