Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues

The world’s largest country and multiple countries that are influencing the global economy have large Buddhist communities. But many people around the world understand very little about the Buddhist religion or what God is doing among those who adhere to this faith. The exciting news is that God is on the move in amazing ways. Formerly Buddhist strongholds now have vibrant Churches that are actively sending missionaries globally. Explore the growth of the Church among traditionally Buddhist people groups and ask God to show you how to respond.
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Devotional: Explore Your World
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<p><a href="https://missionexus.org/buddhism-beyond-prayer-flags-and-statues/"><strong>Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues</strong></a><br />What is Buddhism? What do Buddhists really believe? What are the largest Buddhist people groups? How are Buddhists responding to the Gospel around the world? Why should you care about Buddhists coming to faith in Christ? These questions are not easy ones to answer. This Missiographic will give you some insight.</p>

Personal Reflection
What is your own concept of Buddhism and the people who adhere to it? As you look over the Missiographic, what new insights do you have? How is God using those insights to challenge your assumptions and your current actions? Now consider when your path might cross someone of the Buddhist faith. How will this new knowledge change the way you engage with them?

Engaging the Church
Check whether your church has any mission stake at all in the Buddhist world–missionaries, projects or short-term teams. If they do, encourage it and show the Missiographic to reinforce the value of it. If they don’t, then use the Missiographic to plant the seed of Buddhist involvement in their minds and pray that God makes it sprout and grow.

Organizational Application
Is your organization working among Buddhist peoples? If so are you supporting the growing Church there? How have you helped equip the Church among these people groups and nations? Have you encouraged their sending of missionaries? If the answer is yes, what else could you do? If the answer is no, then how could you start to support the local church working among Buddhist people groups?

Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.

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