Break Open the Sky: Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear

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Break Open the Sky: Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear

Stephan Bauman

Publisher: Multnomah, 2017, 224 pages
ISBN: 978-1601425850


In this book Stephan Bauman, former president of World Relief, makes the case that even though compared to previous generations we are safer, live longer, hurt less, and earn more, we are also more afraid than ever. We have fallen prey to a culture of fear. Bauman invites us, and tells how to live in authentic faith, free from fear and its debilitating symptoms that paralyzes many from engaging the world. He states that by embracing Jesus’s core yet counterintuitive teachings on truth, love, and risk, we can find freedom from the fear of the unknown, and liberation from the anxieties that hold us back from reaching out in ministry to others – especially the poor and helpless who are living on the margins of society.

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