Bootcamp for Controllers and Financial Directors

Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Primary Audience
Controllers and financial directors

For mission organizations working locally and overseas, it’s vital to have open dialogue on the best practices impacting finances and accounting. Join us for a discussion of key considerations, including do’s, don’ts, and suggested policies for deputized fundraising; grant agreements and working with foreign entities; seconded workers at sending and receiving organizations; foreign earned income; the treatment of missionary benefits; and dealing with parsonages. We’ll also cover the policies you should have in place, such as conflict of interest, whistleblower, gift acceptance, and intellectual property policies.

Learning Objectives

  • Facilitate open dialog on best practices impacting finances and accounting at mission organizations working locally and overseas
  • Identify key issues for your organization to consider and address, including deputized fundraising, grant agreements and foreign entities, seconded workers, foreign earned income, treatment of missionary benefits, and parsonages
  • Assess and adopt appropriate policies for your organization, such as conflict of interest, whistleblower protection, gift acceptance, and intellectual property policies

Accounting 4.0 CPE hours

Presented By

Tim Sims
Rick Creel
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