BLF Ministries (BLF USA) changes name to Synergie Francophone to reflect new generation of ministry

Board confirms vision and brings in new people, projects, and partners to reach one of the least-reached world populations hiding in plain sight

Wheaton, Illinois, December 2021 – The Board of Directors of BLF Ministries voted to change its name to Synergie Francophone to reflect its approach to reaching the 300 million speakers of French living in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. “God has confirmed his mandate to our organization to support evangelism, multiplication of disciples, and equipping of local churches by providing Bibles and biblical resources in French,” said Board Chair Tom Rice. “Now he is answering our prayers by bringing to us experienced, creative people to serve on our Board and staff, as well as consultants and partners as we work with new generations of supporters, participants, and recipients of ministry. We are expecting great things.”

New Executive Director Angela Brandle, who comes to SF with four decades of cross-cultural experience in the French-speaking sector, is renewing the team and approach to fulfill a goal that has never changed: to grow and equip French-speaking churches around the world to fulfill their role in God’s mission, bringing transformation to lives, communities and nations.

BLF was founded in 1954 to meet the huge need for Bibles and Christian resources in the French language for new believers on the African Continent. Few biblical resources were available in French, so BLF founded its own publishing and printing house in Belgium, now operating independently as BLF Éditions in France. Literature has been supplied to eighty nations, but the need is still growing. In numerous French-speaking countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere around the globe, less than 1 percent of the population knows and follows Christ. Africa’s 30 French-speaking nations are home to 469 least-reached people groups. In many countries where percentages of Christians are higher, lack of access to Bibles, resources, and disciple-makers has created a discipleship crisis that SF wants to help overcome.

Where the Bible is being translated into minority languages, or where no translation is being done, many populations speak French as an official or trade language. When someone donates to SF projects, the organization can purchase and supply Bibles and resources in French to answer people’s questions right now, whereas otherwise it might be decades before such materials will exist in their minority language, if ever.

Synergie Francophone works through selected strategic ministries of church and mission partners to subsidize and distribute resources to French-speakers with no or limited physical or economic access to Christian literature.

With a new name comes a new look. Visit (available in English and French) to find out more.

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