Anthology May 2017

Anthology magazine is a curated collection of writings by some of the world’s foremost authors, speakers and thought leaders. This May 2017 issue addresses a topic relevant to everyone in the Great Commission Community — security and risk.

In the Great Commission there is always risk. Yet implementing security management to deal with those risks can be complicated. As faithful followers of Christ we need to be equipped to go wherever he calls—even if that leads into danger. How we prepare for those difficult times (both spiritually and practically) will influence how we respond in crisis situations.

From security advisors and consultants, to field workers and hostage survivors, our expert contributors cover the many ways you may face risk on the field. Each author provides varied focus from theological exegesis, personal, real-life stories, to practical examples. They cover topics like security management, situational awareness, cybersecurity, risk on the field — plus more.

Security training is important not just for the field workers, but for churches, congregations, organizations, and leadership. Inside this issue you’ll find sources for location-specific security information, observation exercises to adapt situational awareness, and a cybersecurity checklist to bolster your defenses and identify areas for improving protection.

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