Author Interview: Samson Liao Uytanlet and Juliet Lee Uytanlet

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Author Interview

Manual for Sojourners: A Study on Peter’s Use of Scripture and Its Relevance Today*

By Samson Liao Uytanlet and Juliet Lee Uytanlet 

Wipf and Stock, 2023 

210 ebook pages 

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This book explores the theme of sojourning in First Peter as it relates to the story of sojourners in the Old Testament, to the audience of the epistle, and to the sojourners in contemporary times. Specifically, the authors review the impact of the sojourning of the Israelites from Egypt and before the exile, of Abraham and David, and of the returnees from exile, and how these different examples of sojourning are meant to address the realities of the exiles scattered in the provinces of Asia Minor. The book also delineates how these biblical experiences can relate to the realities and challenges of the diaspora and “migrants and their implication on present global migration” (page 17), especially in light of how the strong and dominant ones oppress and marginalize the weak and “unhomed” (not only in the sense of having no home but also of experiencing sudden feeling of displacement or terror). 

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