Afterglow Ministry

Culturally we place a lot of emphasis on retirement, which usually suggests a person can redirect time previously spent working toward playing, at least to the extent finances will allow. Unlike retirement, afterglow refers to the latter stage of ministry where a leader transitions from formal, vocational service, to non-formal activities that leverage a lifetime of character formation and expertise for the benefit of others.

Regardless of where you are in your leadership and ministry journey, it is never too soon to commit to finishing well. Without the habits and choices needed to finish well you will not develop the spiritual authority power-base required to gain influence after you step aside from organizational leadership. And when you get that close to the finish line if you don’t attract and invest in the next generation you will be left with only a resume of middle game accomplishments as your legacy.

Samuel retained his godly influence even after handing over the leadership to Saul. Unlike Eli, Samuel was not marginalized in old age. His transition from active leadership did not make him a helpless by-stander to the events in Israel. In this month’s vlog, Steve Moore shares what you can learn from Samuel that will position you for effectiveness in afterglow.

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