A Heart Cry to God for Afghanistan


By Jackie Scott, PIONEERS

How Can They Sing?

How can the birds still sing in the morning in this torn and tortured land?

Wrecked, ripped and mangled, the roads still flow with only the toughest …
that can endure the unfriendly jolts. …

Children still play and find a way in the streets and the dirt, where is seen the gamut;
from preoccupied business man to desolate wrangled beggar.

Beauty looks to edge its way through the barbed wire. … and the veil …

Like a City wept over long ago because of unwillingness to listen,
Is this forsaken land also wept over for want of truth … ?

And now, what is the answer for them and their land?
How long until they see? How long until they sing?

Would You come in Your mercy … ?

“and God was moved by entreaty for the land…” — 2 Sam. 21:14

—JS 5/08

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