8 Myths and Mistakes to Avoid in Raising Personal Support: Back to Basics

Eight Myths and Mistakes to Avoid in Raising Personal Support: Back to Basics
Kevin DiFelice, Ellis F. Goldstein, Presenters
January 28, 2010

Who would go to a doctor who made medical decisions based upon rumors he heard? That would be silly and irresponsible. Yet many Christian workers base some of their support raising practices on incorrect assumptions and myths. Exposing these myths and mistakes can position you to breathe new life into your fund development efforts.

This webinar will help Christian workers avoid the mistakes often made in raising support. Three leading support development practitioners will focus on some of the best fund raising practices that God has honored. You will gain a greater understanding of: Assumptions we make about a person’s ability to give myths about asking for support. Best practices to help Christian workers succeed in raising their support. Kevin DiFelice is the Director of Staff Funding for The Navigators. Ellis Goldstein is the Director of Ministry Partner Development for Campus Crusade for Christ

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