24:14 – A Testimony to All Peoples

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24:14 – A Testimony to All Peoples

Dave Coles and Stan Parks, eds.

Compiled by the editors, Spring, Texas, 2019, 345 Pages


This compiled and edited volume centers around Matthew 24:14, which serves as the basis for the title of the book. The book challenges believers, churches, and agencies to become part in helping to “see effective kingdom movement engagement in every unreached people and place by December 31, 2025” (Page 323), by reaching the unreached through Church Planting Movements (CPMs) with urgency and collaboration. The compilation of 43 chapters, coming mostly from various issues of Mission Frontiers, are divided into two major parts; (1) Jesus’ Promise—which is further subdivided into five categories based on the content of Matthew 24:14 (This Gospel of the Kingdom, Will Be Proclaimed, Throughout the Whole World, As a Witness to All Peoples, and And Then the End will Come); and (2) Our Response (which is further grouped into three subparts (How Individuals Can Get Involved, How Churches Can Get Involved, and How Agencies Can Get Involved).

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