Mission and Church Sexual Abuse Investigations – Caregiving Issues (MC)

Mission and Church Sexual Abuse Investigations – Caregiving Issues (MC)

Thursday @ 3:30pm

Abuse investigations in the Mission and Church are traumatic for everyone involved. While there are numerous guidelines for the victims, the other parties (investigators, leaders, staff, local church, and Board) are often ignored. This seminar will work through the impact of investigations on the above parties and look at legal and psychological issues which rise to the surface during investigations and during their aftermath. Suggestions will be made for caregiving and self care which may help alleviate some of the investigation-related stress and strain.

Theresa L. Sidebotham, JD.

Attorney at Law
Telios Law, PLLC

Theresa Sidebotham is an attorney with Telios Law and member of Beyond. She was an MK and missionary in Indonesia. She is legal counsel to numerous missions, addressing multiple values of improving organizational/HR policy, supporting religious liberties, investigating effectively, caring for victims and members, and minimizing litigation exposure.

Brent Lindquist, Ph.D.

Link Care Center

Brent Lindquist is a Psychologist by training and licensure in California, and is a Mission Advisor for Member Health for Missio Nexus. He serves on the Executive Board of the Global Member care Network, and consults and trains in Singapore.  He is also the Global Learning Architect for Crosswired.com where he publishes online courses and leads virtual classrooms on member health areas. He co-leads an annual seminar with Theresa Sidebotham and Dr Ric Ascano for missions and churches on the intersection of psychology, law and missions, as well as blogs with her at  www.telioslaw.com.


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