2014 Spring Anthology

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Movement of Peoples

International borders and cultural boundaries now give way to the movement of peoples at a rate unprecedented in human history. As a result, new opportunities to make disciples of all nations  are literally arriving at our doorstep.

Never before have so many ethnic groups have been accessibly represented within reach of everyday relationships with Christians in local churches, schools, workplaces and communities-both here at home in North America and abroad.

Four combined forces of flux bring the mission field to us: the scatter effect of immigration  and migration; the high-speed connections of globalization the magnetic pull of urbanization; and the bright light of justice exposing exploitation.

On these pages, pastors and Great Commission influencers present first-hand experiences, strategic insight and compelling data to inform and inspire our mission among the diasporas of our day.

Anthology Volume 2, Number 1

Table of Contents

Weeping with Gang Members by Paco Amador
The Early Church: Spreading the Gospel in Cities of Influence by Stephen Um & Justin Buzzard
International Migration: Welcoming the Strangers Next Door by J. D. Payne
The Call to the City by Timothy Keller
Cultural Elites: The Next Unreached People Group with Eric Metaxas
Justice for Women in Border Towns, Brother Communities and Conflict Zones by Michele M. Rickett
Mobilizing Church Ministry to Victims of Violent Oppression by Jim Martin
Why We Don’t See Clearly: Exposing Blind Spots by Margaret Feinberg
On Mission in a Moving World by Jon Hirst & Loren Muehlius

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