2013 Fall Anthology

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Navigating Global Currents

Cultural  currents are making waves in ministry environments the world over, with ripple effects on boardroom agendas and neighborhood maps, among mission executives and grassroots mobilizers.

The ebb of old models and the flow of new technology can test our ability to navigate but also inspire our opportunity for innovation and partnership.

How are seasoned mission CEOs handling challenges and preparing for changes their organizations face? And how are ordinary Christians permeating hard to reach places through the persistent witness of everyday grace?

Diverse voices on these pages remind us that we can expect great things and attempt great things because the Great Commission compels us … until people of every tribe and every nation come to know Jesus through the redeeming promise of the Gospel and the transforming power of Scripture.

Anthology Volume 1, Number 2

Table of Contents

Muslims Meet Jesus: Ordinary People and the Power of Scripture by Patrick Robertson & David Watson
Leadership Lessons: A Conversation with Jerry Rankin
The Catalyst Leader: Why Authenticity is Essential by Brad Lomenick
Mission CEO Survey: A Reflection From a Senior Leader by Hans Finzel
Innovation: When ‘All In’ is All Wrong by Steve Moore
High Performance: The Business of Jumping S-Curves by Paul Nunes & Tim Breen
Godspeed for God’s Word to Every Tribe, Every Nation by Mart Green
Love for the Least of These: Regular Christians Move In by Nigel Paul
The Invisible Girls: The Grace of an Unexpected Friendship by Sarah Thebarge
Making Neighborhoods Whole: Church-Based Development by Wayne Gordon & John M. Perkins
Expect Great Things: Mission Quotes That Inform and Inspire by Marvin J. Newell

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