You Thought Your Leadership Job was Tough

You Thought Your Leadership Job was Tough
Presenter: Hans Finzel, CEO/President World Venture
May 3, 2012

Description: Leadership is a tough calling anyway any way you slice it. We leaders make things happen…. People try to stop us!I have been at it for thirty years. We climb mountains, slay giants, and we often get beat up breaking up the big rocks that stand in the way of progress. I can’t tell you how many times people have poured cold water on my hot vision. I really take criticism hard-it takes me out emotionally. I have learned more than a thing or two about persevering in the trenches of leadership through my eight-year study of Moses. The life of Moses offers a master study in leadership. Called to do the impossible, Moses became an ambassador to kings and a leader of millions, while making a profound mark on history. His life was defined by purpose, service, and vision. Simply put,it was a life that made a difference. This seminar will explore the trials and triumphs of one of history’s greatest leaders drawing out lessons for our leadership every step of the way. If he could survive forty years of leading whiners through the desert, there is hope for us!

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