Webinar: Member Care: Coming Attractions: Sunshine and Storm


During the upcoming Innovate 2021, Drs. Gardner and Lindquist will be investigating a number of issues in the next generation of Member Care, with case studies.  Brent is leading this seminar, with Larrie being in a responsive role. This webinar will highlight five of the arenas in Member Care to be investigated:

  1. Structural/Legal – What are the new realities of structural connection within the organization, especially in the light of developing legal and regulatory pushbacks? How HR and Legal are settling into the middle of Member Care.
  2. Behavioral – How can we respond to the increasing level of need expressed in our candidate populations?  Mental Health issues of candidates appear to be rising.  How do we focus on balance in Member Care resources, staffing, with our primary calling?
  3. Multicultural – How do we move from a possibly superficial multiculturalism to an environment more reflective of indigeneity?  What could our response be to the changing landscape of our inclusion of the Ethné?
  4. Philosophical – What are some of the philosophical theories pressing in on our values which are impacting the perspectives of our candidates? Social justice, critical theory, intersectionality, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, to name a few.
  5. Spiritual – Across the church there is a diluting of historic doctrinal positions, as well as biblical knowledge.  How can we address this?

This is not meant to be the September seminar, but to present a forecast of these issues to begin meaningful dialogues.

Dr. Brent Lindquist, President Emeritus, Link Care Center (retired).  Missionary/Pastor for Spiritual Transformation, Jaron Ministries Intl, Fresno, CA

During the covid recess, Brent transitioned to President Emeritus and retired from Link Care Center. (1975-2020) Currently he is a missionary and Pastor for Spiritual Transformation for Jaron Ministries, International.  He consults with local churches and mission groups on a wide variety of Member Care and Pastoral Care issues.  He and Colleen have been married for 46 years and have two adult children and their spouses, and five grandchildren.  He is currently learning the piano, and relearning the guitar, focusing on cowboy songs.


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