Webinar: Field Onboarding and Retention 


Are we making any progress on keeping our workers on the field today? The latest attrition figures indicate that we are still losing the battle. Attrition, especially preventable attrition, is still plaguing our efforts. Taylor said over 25 years ago that “this attrition topic is a massive and dangerous iceberg that has to be dealt with…” Johnstone picked up the thread 10 years ago when he said that “anything that local churches and mission agencies can do to keep missionaries in the field and lengthen their useful ministry is a good investment.” The purpose of this webinar is to look at the critical early years of onboarding new workers on the field when they are most vulnerable to quit and give up. Research has shown us that this is when attrition is the highest, and when field leadership needs to make necessary changes to curb the stats and keep our people on the field. We will explore what needs to happen to see retention on the field and to help people thrive in difficult contexts. 


Dr. Elliott Stephens, Global Leader; Elliot has served for 40 years in church planting, training, and leadership. He recently completed his PhD on retention of overseas workers and now trains workers and leaders in principles of retention and thriving on the field, especially in church planting among the unreached.

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